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If you’re primarily interested in the movies themselves and are looking for a cornucopia of cutting edge cinema, consider attending one of the high-profile festivals. But be forewarned that these fests can be expensive and/or difficult to navigate. It can be hard for non-professionals to get tickets, and you have to expect long lines to get into screenings. For a more user-friendly experience that will provide you with a wealth of opportunities to see outstanding new films from around the world while enjoying attractive surroundings, look into the possibilities offered by less publicized festivals like those in Palm Springs, Vancouver, or Hong Kong.

The Audience at the 2008 Palm Springs Festival

The Audience at the 2008 Palm Springs Festival

Film festival websites vary widely, but most provide basic information about dates, venues, orientation, programming, and travel needs. You can often get further useful information from the festival reviews in the online journal Senses of Cinema (

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