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Telluride International Film Festival

A top-of-the-line boutique festival in a magnificent setting, Telluride continues to impress its audiences with both highly anticipated titles and archival treasures.

Festival Website:

Timing: Four days over the Labor Day weekend


A discriminating selection of international world premieres and revivals. Due to the festival’s prestige, programmers can cherry pick the best of what’s available. It’s hard to go wrong here whatever you decide to see.

Special Guests

Many A-list filmmakers and other luminaries from around the world attend.


Industry types and journalists attend in force, but they don’t seem to affect the laid-back ambience of this friendly place. The give-and-take among cinephiles waiting in line to get into screenings is among the best anywhere.

Screening Venues:

Some are improvised for the event, but all are satisfactory. The festival sponsors free late-night outdoor screenings.

Screening Schedule

Screenings begin in the morning and continue late into the evening.


Individual tickets are $20 each, but they’re hard to come by. Various passes are also available, but these, too, sell out quickly.


Telluride is a picturesque town perched high in the Rockies, but it’s not easy to get to.

The Town of Telluride


I have not attended Telluride since the late 1980s, so I hope that others will leave comments on their recent experience there.

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