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Why Film Festivals?

To some, the idea of traveling to a distant locale to see movies makes no sense; after all, you can see movies in your own city or town. But for others, combining travel with movie-going offers a happy partnership in which the rigors of sightseeing or the indulgence of sunbathing are leavened by taking time out each day to see films. International film festivals offer the latest and best of what is available in the global marketplace.

Outdoor Screening at the Bologna Festival

Outdoor Screening at the Bologna Festival

Most Americans would never have an opportunity to see many of these films at home. With foreign films currently accounting for less than 1% of the US box office, even prestigious prize-winners are frequently passed over by United States distributors. And, unless you live in New York or Los Angeles, it’s doubtful that even those titles slated for commercial runs would make it to your neighborhood. In just a few days at a good festival, you will have your choice of scores of movies—not special-effects-laden Hollywood tentpoles but intelligent stories aimed at adults and formally innovative experiments in cinematic art. Even if some of these movies do eventually make it to a theater down the street, festival screenings will let you see them before anyone else. An added bonus fests offer is a chance to interact with filmmakers; the question-and-answer sessions that follow many screenings put a personal face on the movie-going experience.

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